Irish republican skinheads call Pakistani refugee “Nazi” in Belfast outburst!

An angry mob of Irish Nationalists and socialists call Pakistani origin victim of racism and sectarianism a “Nazi”

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Nissar Hussein is a “refugee” in his own country and lives in hiding after being nearly beaten to death by a sectarian mob in Bradford, he came to Belfast on Saturday 14th July to highlight his plight, he was verbally abused by a baying mob of far left extremists and fascist Irish republicans!

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The crowd of white Irish skinheads and alleged “Dissident republican extremists” in Belfast screamed at Nissar Hussein as he told his story of how he had been nearly beaten to death in a sectarian attack in Bradford several years ago. Nissars speech was interrupted by white skinheads who chanted “Nazi scum off our streets” at the Pakistani origin speaker.

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The PSNI held back the hostile mob, but Mr Hussein was visibly shocked by his treatment at the hands of the mob, he said “I am shocked! I have never been called a Nazi before, I am totally stunned!” He went on to tell how he had been the victim of racism as a child in the 1970s and how he was beaten by Muslim men a few years ago.
That said he told friends he had never been called a Nazi before and this was a total shock to the system.
Nissar was welcomed to Belfast by the pressure group “UK Freedom Rallies”, where he was welcomed with open arms by the cross community group.