Freedom From The EU

Since 1973, consecutive British Prime Ministers, MPs and Lords have sold sold away our sovereignty, constitution and our freedom to the anti-democratic EU.

Fobbing off this major attack on Britain’s constitutional traditions as a move to build trading links across Europe, the government persuaded the public to hand away their national sovereignty without a clue as to what was to come.

To the Establishment’s great disdain, the British people began to recognise what their government was doing and, on June 23rd 2016, they sent a message to all British politicians; we’ve had enough.

However, our spineless MPs and Lords are taking every opportunity they get to distract from, water down and even stop Brexit. Every single one of our 650 MPs is actively campaigning to overturn Brexit or is going along with Theresa May’s absolutely shameful fake Brexit deal, which can only lead to one outcome; the will of the people will be ignored.

When we leave the EU, we must leave the Single Market, the Customs Union, the European Arrest Warrent and all other EU organisations. We voted for a full Brexit, with no strings attached.

All of that should have been done & dusted by June 23rd 2018 – exactly two years after our historic referendum, yet no aspects of Brexit were even near to being completed by this point. That’s why we chose this symbolic date to launch the UK Freedom Movement.

If you want to help us fight for a full Brexit from the EU and kick out our traitorous MPs who are working to overturn our referendum, join the UK Freedom Movement today!

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