Freedom Of Speech

For hundreds of years – since Magna Carta – Britain has led way around the world in establishing freedom, rights, democracy and justice. Perhaps the most fundamental of these rights is the right to free speech, for without free speech any tyrannical government can take away our other rights and liberties with ease.

Sadly, this distopian situation is not imaginary. It was seen in Germany in the 1930s, in Soviet Russia throughout the 20th century and it is beginning to rear it’s ugly face in Britain today.

Freedom activists across the country are facing persecution simply for expressing facts and perfectly legitimate opinions, with anti-terror police investigating patriots for attending freedom rallies and journalists being locked up for the simple crime of speaking the truth.

That’s why thousands upon thousands of people are consistently taking to the streets to take a stand against the oppression. That’s why things need to change.

But marching itself will not make any difference. Provided our corrupt politicians keep their power and salaries, they will continue to ignore us. We have to hit them where it hurts; their seats.

The UK Freedom Movement will be launching campaigns in by-elections, referendums and even general elections against each and every one of our spineless MPs. We the people deserve representatives who will defend our freedoms, not destroy them.

If you want to help us kick the traitors out and replace them with patriots, join the UK Freedom Movement today!

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