Freedom To Be British

In today’s society, being British – or indeed English, Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish – has become something that we are encouraged to be ashamed of.

We are told that to celebrate or be proud of our nation is ‘racist’ and that to fly our flag is ‘inconsiderate’. We are told that our history is nothing more than slavery and invasion and that our patron saint days should be abandoned.

Clearly, there were elements of our past that we should not be proud of, not least slavery. But let it not be forgotten that Great Britain led the way by abolishing slavery before most other nations had even considered the prospect.

Let it also be remembered that it was the British who fought off the Nazis, it was the British who kickstarted democracy and liberty with the Magna Carta and make no mistake, it will be the British who finally take down the anti-democratic global establishment.

We, the people of Britain, are immensely proud of where we come from and who we are, but sadly many of us are too scared to show it. It’s about time we changed that.

The UK Freedom Movement will campaign tirelessly to end the anti-British stigma which has infected our government and most of our media, proudly flying the Union Jack at every opportunity we get.

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